Mexican Company with registration by Deed No. 4150.


  Single Certificate Document (CUD) by the Ministry of Economy: A201211210909270256

  Electronic Signatures (FIEL) by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

  RFC Company ECO1301285W6

  Prospective Linkage with the National Institute of Entrepreneurship, with the Ministries of Economy, Migrants, Labour and Social Welfare; COPARMEX; CANACINTRA, with universities and cultural centers.


We are a multidisciplinary team of consultants to Mexico-American Co-generating effectiveness in human relations and professional high performance equipment and networks including Entrepreneurship and social productivity, enhancing the paradigm "Empowerment for Talent Management" (E: GT ). We combine strategic and tactical advice neurolinguistic methodologies, the soul, physicality, emotionality and systematic, focused on the individual and collective environments aspiring quality difference and transfer best practices and to their environment. We back it with relevant tools Ontological Coaching, developmental psychology, NLP, philosophical anthropology, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics and structural and systemic discipline, in order to assist in generating a niche sensitivity and empowerment sociabiloidad mediated significant REDIRECTION ACTIONS for Success (RAparaE).


UNDERTAKE the path of "Entrepreneurship" and "Empowerment" (empowers you undertake) in the personal, professional and social, above all, to improve academic performance, work and family.

INSPIRE for self-construction of successful results for the life and development of production equipment.

HELP in the prosperity of HUMAN CAPITAL reflected in competitive entrepreneurship networks to generate an added improvement in the areas and processes..

DISPLAY the range of possibilities redirecting the actions of the OBSERVER.

STIMULATE middle leadership of the organization for attaining performance goals.

DRIVING with FEEDBACK for the productivity of personal, family and work.

PROVIDE tools for developing own Neuro Linguistic Generative Wealth and Success.

ACTIVATE emotionality in contribution to improving the appearance, image and identity.